What kind of fabric bag can be called environmental protection bag?

What kind of fabric bag can be called environmental protection bag?

In this society full of environmental problems, environmental bags have become a necessity of people’s daily life. But what do you know about green bags? What kind of fabric bag can be called environmental protection bag?
Next, let the environmental protection packaging bag customization manufacturers introduce several environmental protection bags for you!

1. Non woven fabric bag: This non-woven fabric bag adopts a new generation of environmental protection materials – non-woven fabric, which is characterized by moisture resistance, air permeability, flexibility, non flammability, easy decomposition, non toxicity, non irritation, etc. its main characteristics are reusable, environmental protection and durability.

2. Cotton bag: cotton bag is a kind of environmental protection bag, small, convenient, durable, and does not pollute the environment. The advantage is that it can be reused. So as to reduce the environmental pollution to a greater extent.

3. Canvas bag: the material of canvas bag is the same as that of cotton bag. It can be degraded and has no pollution to the environment. The durability and firmness of canvas bag are much higher than other environmental protection bags, and its cost performance is still very high.

4. Flannel bags: most of them are made of rayon cotton, the same fabric as our clothes. It has high flexibility and wear resistance, and is durable.

5. Polyester Bag: polyester cloth, similar to our common umbrella cloth, and used for clothing lining, because the green bag made of this kind of cloth is usually vest type, so it is called vest bag.

6. Other environmental protection cloth bags (the nature of linen and canvas is different)

The above are several environmental protection bags launched by environmental protection canvas bag manufacturers. These environmental protection bags are pure cotton and polyester cotton. Environmental protection is whether these materials will degrade.

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Post time: May-09-2021