Compared with plastic bags, what are the advantages of environmentally friendly bags?

Compared with plastic bags, what are the advantages of environmentally friendly bags


Now, let’s talk about environmental protection bags, which are usually not environmentally friendly to plastic bags. The non environmental protection of plastic bags is mainly manifested in the following aspects:
The recovery rate of plastic bags is too low. Some experts made statistics. The reuse rate of plastic bags is less than 1%. The main raw material for the production of plastic bags comes from rare earth resource – earth oil, so we consume less plastic every year. This package is actually destroying oil resources.
The long-term natural degradation of plastic bags generally exceeds 1000 years. Therefore, if we do not control the use of plastic bags, our planet will become a white planet over the years. Therefore, many environmental arrangements put forward the slogan of “save the earth” to call people to our life and living environment. Please use less or no plastic bags.
Not only that, because people will use plastic bags, litter and give up in the future, resulting in a large number of biological deaths. According to relevant media reports, about 100000 marine creatures are arrested every year due to plastic bags.
From environmental bag packaging to bag printing to use, it not only provides great convenience for consumers, but also becomes a powerful tool to sell products and promote brands. The main advantages can deepen consumers’ image of businesses and products, and also promote the environmental protection bag. It’s a way of marketing.

With the rapid promotion and popularization of environmental protection bags, some businesses have made great efforts to promote their brands and services, and spent their time and energy to create new and exquisite environmental protection bags. Different sizes of non-woven bags attract attention to achieve great publicity effect. These various environmental protection handbags, the street is a beautiful scenery.

A family needs to use about 10 plastic bags a day and more than 3000 bags a year. If we use less than half of the plastic bags every day and use more environmentally friendly bags, we can save more than 1000 plastic bags every year, indirectly reducing carbon emissions by more than 100 grams. Repeated use of green bags in a family can help reduce carbon emissions by more than 100 grams. With the participation of thousands of families, our living environment will not get worse and worse, and PM2.5 will be effectively controlled. Green shopping bag is a more solid traditional plastic shopping bag. In order to save cost, the material is very thin and easy to break. But if you want to make him stronger, it will cost more. The appearance of the environmental protection shopping bag deals with all problems. The environmental protection shopping bag has strong toughness and is not easy to wear. There are also many green shopping bags, which are stronger, more waterproof, good handle and beautiful appearance. Although the cost of a single product is slightly higher than that of plastic bags, its life span can reach hundreds or even thousands of plastic bags.

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Post time: May-02-2021